REMY Cécile C.

Cécile C. Remy is a researcher at the University of Augsburg in Germany.
Her research focuses on the effect of disturbances (notably fires) on forest ecosystems. She uses an integrative approach combining paleoecology and landscape modeling to better understand and anticipate how forests respond to the evolving challenges posed by climate change and shifts in disturbance regimes.


Keys publications


Journal of Ecology

Remy C.C., Magne G., Stivins N., Aakala, T., Asselin H., Seppä H., Luoto T., Jasiunas N., & Ali A.A. (2023). Climatic and vegetational controls of Holocene wildfire regimes in the boreal forest of northern Fennoscandia. Journal of Ecology 111: 845-860.


Climatic Change

Remy C.C., A.R. Keyser, D.J. Krofcheck, M.E. Litvak, M.D. Hurteau. 2021. Future fire-driven landscape changes along a southwestern US elevation gradient. Climatic Change,166:46.


Geophysical Research Letters

Remy C.C., Krofcheck D.J., Keyser A.K., Litvak M.E., Collins S.L. and Hurteau M.D. (2019) Integrating species-specific information in models improves regional projections under climate change. Geophysical Research Letters, 46: 6554-6562.


Quaternary Science Reviews

Remy C. C., Fouquemberg C., Asselin H., Andrieux B., Magnan G., Brossier B., Grondin P., Bergeron Y., Talon B., Girardin M.P., Blarquez O., Bajolle L. and Ali A.A. (2018) Guidelines for the use and interpolation of paleofire reconstructions based on various archives and proxies. Quaternary Science Reviews, 193: 312-322.


Journal of Biogeography

Remy C. C., Lavoie M., Girardin M.P., Hély C., Bergeron Y., Grondin P., Oris F., Asselin H. and Ali A.A. (2017) Wildfire size alters long-term vegetation trajectories in boreal forests of eastern North America. Journal of Biogeography, 44: 1268-1279.

Cécile Remy