Matthew Hurteau is a professor at the University of New Mexico.
He is a fire and forest ecologist with a research focus on understanding how climate change and disturbance alter the distribution of tree species and carbon dynamics across landscapes.

Keys publications


Functional Ecology

Liang, S, MD Hurteau. 2023. Novel climate-fire-vegetation interactions and their influence on forest ecosystems in the western USA. Functional Ecology, 37:2126-2142.


Global Change Biology

Jung, CJ, AR Keyser, CC Remy, D Krofcheck, CD Allen, MD Hurteau. 2023. Topographic information improves simulated patterns of post-fire conifer regeneration in the southwest United States. Global Change Biology, 29:4342-4353.


Geophysical Research Letters

Goodwin, M.J., H.S.J. Zald, M.P. North, M.D. Hurteau. 2021. Climate-driven tree mortality and fuel aridity increase wildfire’s potential heat flux. Geophysical Research Letters, 48:e2021GL094954.


Climatic Change

Remy, C.C., A.R. Keyser, D.J. Krofcheck, M.E. Litvak, M.D. Hurteau. 2021. Future fire-driven landscape changes along a southwestern US elevation gradient. Climatic Change,166:46.


Scientific Reports

Hurteau, M.D., S. Liang, A.L. Westerling, C. Wiedinmyer. 2019. Vegetation-fire feedback reduces area burned under climate change. Scientific Reports 9:2838.

Matthew Hurteau