MAZIER Florence

Florence Mazier is a senior scientist at the CNRS and a member of the GEODE laboratory.

As a (paleo)ecologist, her main area is the development of pollen-landscape calibration datasets for the quantification of past land cover and application to conservation and climate change.

Keys publications



Science Advances

Pearce E., Mazier F., Normand S., Fyfe R. et al., 2023 Highly heterogeneous vegetation characterised the temperate forest biome before Homo sapiens. Science Advances. 9, eadi9135


Quaternary Science Reviews

Zapolska A., Serge M.-A., Mazier F., Quinquet A., Renssen H., Vrac M., Fyfe R., Roche D., 2023 More than agriculture: Analysing time-cumulative human impact on European land-cover of second half of the Holocene, Quaternary Science Reviews, 314 , p. 108227.


Quaternary Science Reviews

Plancher C., Galop D., Houet T., Lerigoleur E., Marquer L., Sugita S., Mazier F. 2022 Spatial and temporal patterns of upland vegetation over the last 200 years in the northern pyrenees: Example from the Bassiès valley, Ariège, France. Quaternary Science Reviews, Elsevier, 2022, 294,


Earth System Science data

Githumbi E., Fyfe R., Gaillard M.-J,  Trondman A.J., Mazier F., Nielsen A.B., Poska A., Sugita S., Theuerkauf M., Woodbridge J., Azuara J., Feurdean A., Grindean R., Lebreton V., Marquer L., Nebout-Combourieu N.,  Tanţău I. and LandClimII data contributors. European pollen-based REVEALS land-cover reconstructions for the Holocene: methodology, mapping and potentials. Earth System Science data, 14 (4) , p. 1581–1619.


Vegetation History and Archaeobotany

Mazier F., Broström A., Bragée B., Fredh D., Stenberg L., Thiere G., Sugita S., and Hammarlund D. 2015. Two hundred years of changing land-use in the South Swedish Uplands: comparison of historical map-based estimates with a pollen-based reconstruction using the Landscape Reconstruction Algorithm. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 24(5), 555-570