ADROIT Benjamin

Benjamin Adroit is a researcher at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, specializing in paleoecology.
His work focuses on the evolution of plant-arthropod interactions and the biogeography of plant species from the Neogene to the present. He aims to unravel the significant role of adaptive interaction histories in shaping current interaction patterns, with the ultimate goal of predicting future changes amidst global shifts.

Keys publications


Ecology & Evolution.

Adroit, B.*, Hazra, T., Denk, T., Sarkar, S. K., & Khan, M. A. review. Rich specialized insect damage on Pliocene leaves from the Mahuadanr Valley (India) growing under a warm climate with weak seasonality. Ecology & Evolution.

Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology

Adroit, B.*, Grímsson, F., Suc, J.-P., Escarguel, G., Zetter, R., Bouchal, J. M., Fauquette, S., Zhuang, X., Djamali, M., 2022, Are morphological characteristics of Parrotia (Hamamelidaceae) pollen species diagnostic?. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 307: 104776

Global and Planetary Change

Adroit, B.*, Teodoridis, V., Tuncay, H., Denk, T., 2021, Patterns of insect damage types reflect complex environmental signal in Miocene forest biomes of Central Europe and the Mediterranean, Global and Planetary Change 199: 103451.


Adroit, B.*, Girard, V., Kunzmann, Lutz., Terral, J-F., Wappler, T., 2018, Plant- insect interactions patterns in three European paleoforests of the late-Neogene – early-Quaternary. PeerJ 6: e507

Benjamin Adroit