ALI Adam A.

Adam A. Ali is a professor at the University of Montpellier. He is co-PI of the project with Matthew Hurteau. He is a palaeoecologist specialising in the reconstruction of past dynamics of forest ecosystems in response to disturbances, with a particular focus on fire regimes.
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Journal of Ecology

Remy C.C., Magne G., Stivins N., Aakala, T., Asselin H., Seppä H., Luoto T., Jasiunas N., & Ali A.A. (2023). Climatic and vegetational controls of Holocene wildfire regimes in the boreal forest of northern Fennoscandia. Journal of Ecology


Journal of Quaternary Science

Bajolle L., Larocque-Tobler I., Gandouin E., Lavoie M., Bergeron Y. & Ali A.A (2018). Major postglacial summer temperature changes in the central coniferous boreal forest of Quebec (Canada) inferred using chironomid assemblages. Journal of Quaternary Science, 4 409-420.


Journal of Biogeography

Remy C.C., Lavoie M., Girardin M.P., Hély C., Bergeron Y., Grondin P., Oris F., Asselin H. & Ali A.A. 2017. Wildfire size alters long-term vegetation trajectories in boreal forests of eastern North America. Journal of Biogeography 44, 1268-1279


Geophysical Research Letters

Oris F., Ali A.A., Asselin H., Paradis L.,Bergeron Y. & Finsinger W. (2014). Charcoal dispersion and deposition in boreal lakes from 3 years of monitoring: differences between local and regional fires. Geophysical Research Letters 41, 6743-6752.


Proceedings of National Academy of Science

Ali A.A., Blarquez O., Girardin M.P., Hély C., Tinquaut F., El Guellab A., Valsecchi V., Terrier, A., Bremond L., Genries A., Gauthier S. & Bergeron Y. (2012). Control of the multi-millennial wildfire size in boreal North America by spring climatic conditions. Proceedings of National Academy of Science 109, 20966-20970.